"To understand the identity of each place.

To approach the objects to the people and to its socio-cultural context."

It is understood for LugarComum, a reality, a space, an identity shared by a set of people who we call community. The perception of its meaning is shared by all as an acquired form. “


"A common place is the AMOP new collection concept of urban equipment. The drawing of the collection illustrates the common imaginary of a bench, a chair or a table. The urban furniture is an integrant part of the identity of a public space, and must be able to correspond to the single characteristics of each place."


This collection offers a widened set of materials, concrete, metals, wood and stones, options with different finishing’s, providing to the designer or customer, to choose those that better correspond to its demands. The high capacity of customization of the equipment is an innovative attribute in the form of equipping the public space. It is a collection that comes upon the place, and not the place that is subject to the standard offer.